Sync your calendar with the best UX events

and be up-to-date with the world’s top UX conferences
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Access to carefully chosen events, handpicked by our Design Team

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Always being up-to-date

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Selection of almost 120 events worldwide (and still picking)


If you want to have our calendar accessible on all your Apple devices, you will have to add iCloud Calendar subscription

While you are adding a new subscription, make sure to adjust the Auto-refresh setting according to your preferences.

If you don’t want any alerts from our calendar, make sure to mark the Ignore alerts checkbox.

Sure. Using the webcal link below, you can add the calendar to Outlook

You can email us at

Google Calendar: Delete or unsubscribe from a calendar

iCloud: Delete the calendar from iCloud

iPhone/iPad: Open Settings > Accounts, and remove the UX Calendar subscription.

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